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Our product enables you to conduct online exams and assessments with complete vigilance.

Writing tools for Examinee

Students have various writing tools to solve and explain Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry equation without any external hardware.

Proctoring Tools

Multiple levels of proctoring to curb any malpractice by the student appearing for the examination.

How Upswing Examiner Conducts Examination Online

Design the Exam Paper Use the available question repository of 2 lakh + questions on Upswing Examiner tool to design your assessment paper. Institute can design multiple sets of question paper. Upswing examiner has an option of selecting any one out of the 5 sets of exam papers.
Schedule the Exam Set the start and end date and time for the examination. The exam will automatically end according to the schedule.
Proctoring Tools An exe file will block usage of other browsers and applications before the exam starts. Screenshots of users screen and wide shots of student is captured at regular intervals.
Evaluation Tools MCQ questions are auto-corrected by the Upswing Examiner. Correction tools available on the application will assist the teachers to correct the descriptive questions.
Report of the Exam Upswing Examiner will automatically display the score of the exams as the questions get corrected by teachers.
Warnings from the Examiner As soon as a student opens another tab, warning signs pop instructing students to stop browsing. The test is automatically closed on the 3rd warning. Administrator gets a notification on their dashboard to indicate the malefactor.

What if there is a power failure or internet issue during an exam?

Administrator will get a notification and would require to reschedule an exam for the student(s) again.


How to identify a student who has attempted malpractice?

On the administrator dashboard, there will be a red dot next to the student who has attempted malpractice.


Is it possible to get audio and video of student(s) during the examination?

The Premium feature of Upswing Examiner provides audio and video recording of student throughout the exam.


What if the student does not give webcam access?

Webcam access is important for the test to start. At any point during the exam, if a student denies the webcam access, the test will automatically stop and Upswing Examiner will identify the student as a malefactor.

Online Examinations with complete Vigilance !!

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An Invigilator for Every Student

With Upswing Examiner, every student has an invigilator monitoring his/her activity to endure no malpractice is being attempted.